Study at Alchemy!

So where can you study?

Other restaurants or fast food chains are certainly not a very good alternative to coffee shops. These places are always packed and definitely not conducive for study. Libraries are always there but usually close before evening. 

This won’t do. Not during finals.

It's FINALS week!!!

There is a big chance that the nearby coffee shop is filled with students poring over text books and laptops. Coffee shops are open until late at night making it a logical choice for students looking for alternative places to study, hold meetings or do group studies. A lot of times, studying in such places do not translate to productive time.

Here’s why:
Distractions. You might be seated next to a group of giggling girls who can’t keep their volume down. You can’t really complain since coffee shops aren’t libraries.
You have to appear focused. You can’t be people-watching or wasting your time away on Facebook or Twitter when you obviously went there to study!
Expensive. Remember the phrase “over-priced coffee”? Yeah, well that plus the hourly electric fee and Wifi!
Limited space. If you’re the type who spreads all books and notes all over the desk, space might be an issue. Oh and because coffee shops are usually just small, the place can get pretty crowded.
Music. Piped-in music might work for some but for others, it can be very distracting. So better bring your noise-cancelling headphones.

The brownies. Chocolate maybe a brain food but no one can really concentrate when the tummy is full.

So, you have to check out Alchemy.

It’s the newest place that spells P-R-O-D-U-C-T-I-V-I-T-Y!
Here’s why you should consider studying here:

No distractions. Alchemy was designed with students in mind. You will be focused and certainly productive in here. You will be focused and productive.
No overheard conversations here! 
Student-friendly prices. Rates are less than one tall cup of Joe! Free laptop charging and absolutely Free Wi-fi access.
Coffee and Cold Beverages. Yes, you heard it right. We understand that sometimes caffeine is what keeps us running. No worries, our drinks are so not overpriced!
Open till LATE. How does 10am – 12 Midnight sound to you? Good, right?
A Nearby EATING place, just in case. Studying certainly makes one hungry. No need to worry, a few steps from Alchemy’s doorway is an eating place that is open till late. And yes, they do serve rice and hot soup too boot.

So, let’s all troop to Alchemy and get started on one of your many Great Work.

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